Peer-Reviewed Journals

Recent publications in peer-reviewed journals:

Dalkir, K. and Lemieux, S. (2006). Knowledge Management in Small Non-profit Organizations. Knowledge Management Research & Practice (submitted, accepted by editor, in review).

Dalkir, K., Bilodeau, E., Wiseman, E. (2004). The value of networks. Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management (submitted, in review).

Dalkir, K. and Wiseman, E. (2004) Organizational storytelling and knowledge management: a survey. Storytelling, Self, Society: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Storytelling Studies, 1(1): 57-73.

Dalkir, K. and Mottola, L. (2004). A community of practice for knowledge sharing in the mining and metals industry. To appear in CIM Bulletin. October, 2004.

Pelletier, S-J., Arcand, J-F. and Dalkir, K. (1996) State of the art in intelligent agents: some R&D applications at CITI. Canadian AI, Special Issue on Agents, Spring, 1996.